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This site is a catalogue of my art. It is a sampler of my pictures. There are many more. The pictures here are organised into families and have individual names below them. The families may be conceptually related or be colourways of one design. They are, more or less, in reverse chronological order.
Scroll down and click on any picture to expand it a bit.
For bandwidth reasons most of the pictures on this site (except the Anglesea & Universes sections) are in JPEG format. This means a loss of detail over the original renderings.
All prints made are part of a limited run of 500 for each picture. A numbered certificate of authenticity is included with each print.

To preserve the smallest details prints are rendered to 300dpi in a non-lossy format. Prints are made, generally to one size, on paper of at least 200gsm. They are in top-quality, fade resistant pigment ink.
Contact me via email and we can discuss your requirements.


custom work
I will produce prints to any practical size.

They can be weatherproof and up to several metres in size.

I can also change colorways of existing designs and produce work to a (broad) specification.

        Gerry Parnham

Last update: 23th July 2014
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